K Food Delivery (Landing Page)
K Food Delivery (Landing Page)
K Food Delivery (Landing Page)
K Food Delivery (Landing Page)


K Food Delivery (Landing Page)

Unassuming and authentic comfort food

K Food’s philosophy is simple: to create and introduce fun and casual experiences by exploring the best food trends the region has to offer. Our concepts offer unassuming comfort food ranging across different cuisines.

Chir Chir/Masizzim/Nipong Naepong

Can't decide between Korean fried chicken, beef stew or that mouth-watering Jjajangmyeon? You can now binge on all your favourite brands with just a single delivery fee!

Chir Chir + Kogane Yama (Bugis)

The best of both worlds: now you can get both Korean fried chicken and Japanese dons in a single delivery fee!

Kota Zheng Zong Bak Kut Teh

Indulge in our curated blend of 18 different herbs bak kut teh with fall-off-the-bone tenders, which does not require you to travel to JB for. It'll only make you crave for it even when it is not a rainy day.

Kogane Yama

Specializing in premium tendon bowls, our secret Japanese recipe is cooked with the freshest and high quality ingredients to bring out the delicious flavors and taste in every bowl.

NY Night Market

NY Night Market brings to Singapore a taste of cosmopolitan markets in New York City where one can find a wide array of Korean-Western fusion delights.

The Chir Cafe + Bar

Relish in our Korean fusion dishes in our first, all new Korean cafe concept inspired by Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory.

Hanok by Masizzim

Hanok by Masizzim is the halal spin-off of the South Korean Masizzim chain, which specializes in galbi-jjim (meat stews) and other traditional Korean dishes. P.S Our Honey Mustard Egg Cheese Roll is to die for.